We are a premier fertility treatment center that offers exclusive programs to become parents. We work directly with leading clinics and hospitals in Northern Cyprus. The services of IVF Cyprus are free of charge.
Trust us with your happy future!

About Us

We provide IVF services at affordable prices

with guarantee of success.

Our team manages to achieve excellent results even in cases of serious infertility problems (including polycystic ovary syndrome, fibrosis, endometriosis, endocrine disorders, male factor, reduced ovarian reserve, menopause, hysterectomy, etc.)

All kinds of highly specialized care is provided to achieve pregnancy, stimulation ovulation, and insemination through IVF, IVF Egg Donation or IVF Sperm Donation. If you are interested in the opportunity of selecting the gender of your unborn child, we are glad to assist you through our gender (sex) selection program)

Our qualified specialists will help you solve any health problems, correctly plan a pregnancy or carry out competent supervision of the surrogacy program throughout the entire period.

Why Us?

  • a prior medical observation
  • offer the best solution for your specific situation
  • taking into account all the nuances of your past experience
  • consideration of your budget
  • professional support at all stages of treatment
  • special programs for single men and LGBT couples
  • confidentiality
  • assistance in accommodation services
  • airport transfer
  • no waiting list
  • no agency extra fee for any service


We plan everything for your stay...



  • Contact us for free consultation.
  • Get detailed information about our programs and recommendations for the treatments.
  • Get answers for all your questions.
  • Arrange the flight to Cyprus with our professional help (e.g., tickets, flight time, entry requirements).
  • Select a hotel or an apartment and let us book them for you with discounts.

In Cyprus

  • You will be met on arrival at the airport and transferred to your chosen destination.
  • Meet a doctor and do an ultrasound free of charge.
  • Take tests prescribed by the doctor.
  • Get an appropriate treatment to solve your specific situation.
  • Our team will also provide a guidance on all the activities in Cyprus (e.g., restaurants, cafes, shops, and sightseeing).
  • You will be provided with a free transfer service to the airport.


  • Constant communication with our experts after your leave pending positive outcomes of the treatment.
  • Enjoy your parenthood!

Why Northern Cyprus?

Highly Qualified Doctors

Northern Cyprus has long been a country with highly qualified medical professionals. Our doctors are constantly improving their qualifications, mastering new technologies and methods of treatment and diagnosis.

Up-to-date Equipment

Diagnostics and treatment in Northern Cyprus are carried out using advanced equipment. New generation equipment is constantly purchased by private and public clinics. Today, in terms of equipment, clinics of Northern Cyprus are not inferior to German or American ones.

Affordable Prices

The price of treatment in Northern Cyprus is 20-50% lower than in the majority of countries (e.g., Germany, the USA, and Israel). In addition to low prices for treatment, Northern Cyprus provides a wide choice of budget and luxury hotels, as well as comfortable apartments.

Simplified Visa Policy

Northern Cyprus is one of the countries that you can visit by obtaining a visa at the airport. This is important for patients who want to go immediately for treatment. Another advantage of treatment in Northern Cyprus is the fact that many of the medical staff speak different foreign languages.

Supportive Programs for LGBT Couples

In most countries of the world, same-sex couples are prohibited from using surrogacy services in their home country, and therefore they are forced to use this service in another country. A certain number of clinics of Northern Cyprus provide the opportunity for LGBT couples to become parents.


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